Fantastic Handmade D2 Steel Folding Knife by Trophy Stag



Overall Size: 7 inches

Blade Size: 3 inches

Handle Size: 4 inches

Blade Material: D2 Steel

Handle Material: Elk Antler 

Four pins, Leather piece

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Trophy Stag is counted in the best quality online Folding Knife Selling Brands. Our Brand is well known in the whole world because of no compromise on the quality of our products. This Folding knife can be used for Self-defense while you are in wildness. This is probably the primary use of most pocket knives, cutting fruit, removing a splinter, Whittling, cutting hair, cutting someone free from a seat belt inside a burning vehicle Opening clamshell packaging Making drainage holes. This is one of the fantastic handmade D2 steel folding knives. The Folding 3″ blade & is made from D2 Steel. The (top edge) is sharpened from the tip. The handle of this knife is made of Polished Elk Antler. The handle is a beautiful Slab, in perfect condition. It has great color and figure. And the handle of the slab has a comfortable fit in hand. Overall, it is in excellent condition and it has a leather piece for hanging or any comfort for the user. It also has four steel pins on the handle. The durable leather sheath Included in this item. It too is in excellent condition, folding the knife. This is one of the fantastic folding knives and would be a great addition to any custom collection. A knife-making career, and certainly a piece of knife-making history. Our customers are our strength and our customer’s satisfaction will be our satisfaction. We don’t compromise on the quality of our products, as a result, our products are being sold worldwide. We provide worldwide and fast shipping processes to our beloved customers.


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