About Us

Who are we?

Trophy Stag inspires  Hunters and Outdoor Campers to be connected with their femininity. We provide various easy carry non-slip styles of Hunting, skinning, and folding Knives to professional hunters and campers so that they easily do their multitasks. We have the best designers in this field who are making revolutionary changes in knives. Our designers are well experienced in this field, they make knives for complex tasks.

Our Vision

Trophy stag has three categories in the knives as Folding Knives, Hunting Knives, and Skinning Knives. D2 steel, Stainless steel, and carbon steel material we used as a blade material. Handles of these knives are made from Slab, Crown, and Elk Stick. Some of them have steel bolsters that make the knives prettier and stronger. Our site is active 24 hours as we have day and night shift processes in our company. If any of our clients want any help about our products or want to talk about our services, he is able to contact us anytime. Our services are top-notch as we provide fast and worldwide shipping to our customers.

Our history

For over 10 years Trophy Stag has stayed faithful to the key attributes that turned a garage-based hobby into an International respected brand. We’ve continuously designed and made our own products, under our own roof, and done so primarily by hand. All our products are crafted by hand and designed by the seniors of this field. Our old customers are well known about our services as they have been connected with us for 10 years.

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