Trophy Stag has three categories in knives as Folding Knives, Hunting Knives, and Skinning Knives. All our knives have normal weight as they are easy to carry where you want. Trophy Stag is a trusted Knife-making brand as we won the hearts of our customers by providing them with the best services. Our knives are designed by the well-experienced persons of our company. They designed the knives after a long period of searching. We select American shed Antler and hardwoods in our handmade finished designs. Our Knives are handmade and crafted very well. The shapes of our knives are different from others. Our styles give a cool and fantastic look. We don’t compromise on the materials and quality of our knives; this is why our knives are sold worldwide. Trophy Stag will provide the knives along with beautiful handmade leather covers. The covers of our knives are crafted very well as they save the blades of knives from rust and dust. The covers look charming and they increase the beauty of knives when the knives are put into them. We have different colors on the Covers of these knives such as Brown, Dark Brown, and Yellow.

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Skinning Custom Handmade D2 Steel Knife

Stainless Steel Combo Hunter & Skinning Knife Set

Stainless Steel Combo Hunter & Folding Knife

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Our Folding, Skinning, and Hunting knives are not made for a single task but for multitasks, even these knives are well for self-defense. Folding knives are especially the best choice for self-defense because these knives are also called pocket knives and they are easy to take where you want.

Our Story

For over 10 years Trophy Stag has stayed faithful to the key attributes that turned a garage-based hobby into an International respected brand. We’ve continuously designed and made our own products, under our own roof, and done so primarily by hand. All our products are crafted by hand and designed by the seniors of this field. Our old customers are well known about our services as they have been connected with us for 10 years.