Combo Hunter & Skinning Stainless Steel Knife Set by Trophy Stag

Our Stainless-Steel Hunting and Skinning Knives are extremely powerful and functional. Our Hunting and Skinning Knives are flexible and we have a countless range of fine-quality of these knives. This is a high-quality made Stainless-Steel Combo Hunter & Skinning Knife Set. The hunter 6.75″ blade & skinning Knife 4” Blade is made from Stainless Steel. The hunter clip (top edge) is sharpened from the tip. The handle is a beautiful Slab, in perfect condition. It has great color and figure.  And the handle of the slab has a comfortable fit in hand. Overall, it is in excellent condition. The durable leather sheath Included with this product. It too is in excellent condition, of hunter & skinning knife. This is one of Combo hunter & Skinning and would be a great addition to any custom collection. This Hunting Knife is used during hunting for preparing the game to be used as food skinning the animal and cutting up the meat. It is different from the hunting dagger which was traditionally used to kill wild game. This Knife also can be adapted for other uses in the wild such as a Camp knife, which hunters may use as machetes or hatchets when those specific tools are not available. In this case, their function is similar to a survival knife and the skinning blade is thin, light, curved with scalpel-like sharpness, The thin blade will help you cut under the hide of the animal. A thinner blade makes it easy for you to cut along the skin of the carcass without tearing the hide, making it more valuable to animal skin buyers. We are well known in the whole industry as we don’t compromise on the quality of the products. We provide a high quality of products at affordable prices. Place your order today to get your product hurry.

Product Feature

Blade Material

Stainless Steel is famous for its feature of durability

Handle Material

The shape of Slab Handle is so good and makes a comfortable grip

Blade Edge


The knife has high-quality content to give an excellent edge and sharp skills. stunning quality and durability

Blade Tip

Tip: This is often the purpose of the blade. It’s primarily used for precision cuts and quick cuts

Knife Care

Quality is our first priority, we provide you as best as you want, but as we know, everything needs maintenance, if we don’t take care of our product that we own, quality would get reduced after some time, so there are some care instructions you should follow to use your knife for a long time.

Combo Hunter & Skinning Stainless Steel Knife Set by Trophy Stag




Overall Size: 11.75 inches

Blade Size: 6.75 inches

Handle Size: 5 inches

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material:            Slab



Overall Size: 7.5 inches

Blade Size: 4 inches

Handle Size: 3.5 inches

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material:             Slab

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Shipping detail

It takes 1-2 business days to process and pack your order, and US – standard 5-7 days
Express 1-3 days Worldwide – standard 5-15 days Expedited 5-7 days.Custom duty of your local country is excluded from the shipping cost, so it’s your responsibility to pay custom duty of your order